Photo by Alan Hunt


"I first began photography in the mid-seventies, taking pictures of my children and their activities as they grew - dancing lessons, ball games, and horse-back riding were some of my first captures. My home was on the South Jersey shore just north of Cape May. I fell in love with the natural beauty of the barrier island where I lived. From my house I could watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets. My hobby quickly expanded to include nature photography. For 18 years, other than my children, my favorite subjects could be found in the beaches and marshes near my home. During this period I was using a film SLR camera. The area afforded many opportunities but my time was limited by my home and career responsibilities. In the mid-nineties, my husband and I took a trip to Mexico where we photographed together. Now, as an empty-nester I found my interest in photography rekindled.

I enjoy looking at a scene, capturing an image, and then working on post-processing to draw the most out of it. I find the practice and resulting improvement fulfilling. The camera club provides me energy and focus as I continue to grow as a photographer. I appreciate the camaraderie and support I get from fellow photographers. The feedback received at the critiques is especially valuable."


"My love of photography began in college. As a photographer for the school newspaper and yearbook I had access to a darkroom and found great satisfaction in bringing an image from film to print. In 2002 with my first digital camera and a “virtual darkroom” available on my computer, my photography was reenergized.

I photographed my first camellia in March, 2006, when Mary and I joined members of the Charlotte Camellia Society on a trip to the Cam Too Camellia Nursery in Greensboro, NC. Each March, I attend the Charlotte Camellia Society's Annual Camellia Show and photograph camellias. In March, 2012, SouthPark Magazine featured my camellia images on the cover and as illustration for an article promoting camellias and the camellia show. If you live in the Charlotte area, watch for the Annual Camellia Show each March. It is a real treat.

All of my current photography is digital. I do most of my post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. My goal when optimizing images in the “virtual darkroom” is to share with you the beauty and excitement that I saw in the original scene."

We live in Brevard, NC, USA, nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina. We are active members of the Land of Waterfalls Camera Club in Brevard. In addition to Alan's interest in camellias we photograph, family, friends, and the forests, mountains, and town around us.